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Your Garden - Your Way

Designing your Garden - every Garden has its own particular challenges, it may slope and need terracing, it may be small, an awkward shape or be in a inner city location. My job is to help you create your perfect outdoor space.p

I use lines, shapes, height structure and perspective(s), to create the illusion of space or use features to divert your attention

Use of colour, patterns and textures achieved with hard and soft landscaping also help to create your specific garden mood.

Incorporating sculpture and outdoor lighting into the design can create further focal points and create an entirely differnt look for your garden at night

Quote - Once I have been to see you I will write to you with details of what we discussed and what I can do for you (the proposal document), which will outline my fees for each stage of the process and at that stage you can decide if you would like me to start the design process.

If you decide to commission a design I will then organise a survey and start the design process.

Planting - When it comes to the planting I can also give you fixed costs for any plants and a quote for planting them too if required. If you would like to be involved in the planting stage but would like me to supply and lay out the plants in the appropriate areas this can be arranged. alternatively you may prefer to work to the plan yourselves over a period of time,  as and when your budget allows.

Mood Boards

As part of your design service I set up a shared “Mood Boards” (like the one below), via a private page on Pinterest, where we can develop our design ideas together. Click on my name to see the full board:


The design for your garden will develop as we discuss your needs and wishes, add some design touches or make suggestions and discuss feasibility, whilst being realistic with your budget.

When it’s time to get the garden started it’s important to make sure that you get reputable contractors in for the work.

I will draw up specification drawings which will be helpful in obtaining accurate and professional quotes for the work involved. This means that when the project goes out to tender all the companies are quoting ‘like for like’.

My Portfolio


I have several companies with whom I have worked over the years, but I am equally happy to work with your chosen contractor should you have a specific company in mind.

Often there are site decisions to be made during construction and regular visits allow for making any necessary changes at the time.

Once the works starts I am on site on a regular basis throughout the build to ensure that the integrity of the design is maintained and act as your "On Site" agent, if you wish.

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Planting - The Finishing Touch

A planting plan can be drawn as part of the Garden Design process or  can be drawn as a separate plan for those who don't need a full garden redesign.

I can select those plants which will enhance the look and feel of the garden as well as be the right plant for the conditions in which they will grow.

Once the planting plan is complete I can give you a quote to select the plants from the Nursery, deliver them and lay them out in the required position alternatively you can source and plant up your garden yourselves using the plan

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