Wooden and Composite Decking

Wooden and Composite Decking

As a Garden Designer I often get asked about decking and the pros and cons of the various products on the market so I thought I’d talk about what’s available and their related qualities and costs and discuss the practicality of maintaining a deck particularly in Scotland, not known for its balmy summer evenings.

Composite decking has become popular client choice in Scotland due to its easy maintenance, durability and ability to shrug off all weathers.

Planning permission

It is always worth speaking to the planning officers in your area to see if planning permission is required for a deck in your garden as this depends on how high the deck will be, the area of coverage and whether you are in a conservation area. Planning permission is not usually required if the deck is no higher than 30cm off ground level and less than 30% of the area of the garden but it’s always worth a phone call. Planning permission costs £192 (cost at the time of this article April 2013). More details can be found on the Scottish Government website

So if you are thinking of getting a deck then please give me a call (0141 4199714) or drop me a line to amgdgardens@gmail.com and we can discuss what is available and see if we can give your garden that feeling of tropical balmy charm…..in Scotland (but no promises!)