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Large Gardens Design

Large gardens how do you define them? Are large gardens over a certain number of square metres or is it just a case of looking at them and saying ‘well that’s a large garden’?

It’s all relative – what one person thinks of as a large garden others may consider small but to give you an idea, in the suburban setting I tend to say a large gardens are an area of more than 400m² but I’m sure that doesn’t help much as not many people know how big an area their garden covers.

Large gardens don’t have to be a daunting project and they give me, as a designer, the scope to incorporate lots of different ideas, create areas for planting trees, maybe a hideaway for the children, have some areas for quiet contemplation and reveal hidden gems around every corner, making the journey through the garden a wonderful experience.

We can discuss how to look after the garden and I can suggest ways of reducing maintenance too.